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Bullying - We're all in it together
ABN Conference, November 2004

Schools are communities composed of both adults and children. Unchallenged bullying of or by adults in schools has the power to damage all progress that has been made in the last 15 years towards creating a non-violent ethos in classrooms and playgrounds.

Zee Sulleyman in roleWe heard the voices of some adults from the wider school community - the conference gasped in dismay when it heard that, at one school, student teachers were not allowed in the staffroom. Colin Campbell talked of the bullying of heads (1). Zee Sulleyman (see photo) acted out his experiences as a schoolchild experiencing racism including racist bullying, and as an adult teaching drama to young people (2).

Kathleen Marshall (3), the Commissioner for Children and Young People quoted the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (4), which stated in its concluding remarks:

'The Committee recommends that an alternative vision of the school and the family that respects the rights and dignity of all, including children, parents and teachers, should guide all actions on the issue of violence against children. The main strategy should be to galvanize actions around this vision rather than using punitive measures. In this vision relations between and among children and parents or teachers (as well as other family members or students) are mutually respectful and the safety and security of all is promoted (Rec. 702)'.

The Commissioner went on to say:

'Things to be noted here are that bullying and verbal and emotional abuse are clearly indicated as breaching children's rights, but the whole community is involved and implicated. Tolerance of this unacceptable behaviour by anyone towards anyone will undermine any more targeted projects.'

Lhamea Lall sings her anti-bullying songDiscussion groups and drama workshops (5) encouraged experiential as well as intellectual learning, and some excellent displays reinforced the message.

'Lhamea Lall was wonderful - a most moving and emotive performance'.
Conference participant.
Lhamea (see photo) sang her own song about bullying (6).

'Remembering to set an example of mutual respect is so obvious but can never be voiced enough'.
Conference participant.

(1) See
(2) See for examples of his work
(3) Read her speech here and view her powerpoint presentation at
(4) During its General Discussion Day on Violence against Children within the Family and within Schools, in September 2001
(5) See the SSEN website
(6) Hear a clip of her song at Visit Lhamea's website.