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Homophobic Bullying
Resources to tackle it

The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender) History month in February 2005, copying the 'Black History' model, has generated debate but has also attracted some extremely homophobic responses. We must remember that all schools have a duty to tackle homophobic bullying.

'Teachers must explicitly condemn homophobic bullying and equip themselves to be able to discuss pupils' concerns about homosexuality in a balanced manner that is appropriate to the age of the young people concerned. In fact it could be argued that if teachers fail to do this they will not be able to carry out their duty of care to their pupils, which includes doing everything possible to provide a safe learning environment'.
Andrew Mellor
Read the ABN's information sheet on homophobic bullying

Resources include:

Stand Up For Us (produced for England and Wales, so references to some policies etc. do not transfer to the Scottish context)
This is a 29 page resource challenging homophobia in schools, available from with other material including a 'teaching and learning resource'. This last gives some starter questions for discussing homophobia:

'Why is difference sometimes threatening? How can it lead to bullying? Why are we threatened by people who break the 'rules' about appearance or who don't look 'normal'? Why are male ballet dancers and female plumbers a source of amusement? What does heterosexism mean? Is our school heterosexist? ... What could we do as a school to change this?'

EACH (Educational Action Challenging Homophobia)
EACH offers a professionally staffed telephone UK Helpline, for pupils, parents, teachers and people who work with young people. This is available Mon - Fri 9am-5pm, on 0808 1000 143. See their website or email them.

This is a new resource and video, about homophobic bullying, written by Andrew Mulholland and Marie Bisset, published by d2 for Bolton Primary Care Trust and Bolton Healthy Schools, 2004 ISBN 1 900587 29 7. Available from price £34.03.

LGBT Youth Scotland stand at the ABN conference, November 2004LGBT Youth Scotland, in partnership with Healthy Respect, has produced a 12 page downloadable guide which aims to increase teachers' confidence and competence when addressing lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender issues in schools. It provides some answers to such questions as:

'How can staff harness parental support to ensure that homosexuality is considered in school? ... how should teachers respond to the minority of parents and carers who might express homophobic views?'

Go to and click on their 'schools and education' section to find 'Guide for teachers about LGTB issues'. LGBT Youth Scotland has recently started working with SEED on a project to produce guidance for schools dealing with homophobic incidents and harassment. For further support, information and training call 0131 622 2266 or email Fergus.