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Peer Support in Schools

Peer Support in SchoolsThis booklet, published by the Anti-Bullying Network in November 2005, aims to aid the development of peer support systems in primary, secondary and special schools. Free copies were distributed to all schools in Scotland.

Research into the causes of bullying suggests that peer pressure can sometimes turn a group of normally decent, caring young people into a callous mob. But peer pressure does not have to be negative. Schools across the country are developing peer support schemes which harness the latent goodwill and social skills of young people.

This 38 page guide details: types of peer support; starting points; choosing a strategy, and has case studies, references and resources. Single copies of this publication cost £5. To order, and for more information about bulk discounts, phone 0131 651 6103 or go here.

ABN Website

Since January 2003, we have had one million visitors. We welcomed our one millionth visitor on February 25th, 2006. There was four times the normal traffic in late November 2005 - which was Anti-Bullying Week in England.

Young People's SectionNew on the ABN Website

  • A downloadable presentation about young people and cyber bullying, by M L Morris of Childnet international. View this here...
  • A completely new section for Young People.