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Jenny Mosley: Circle Time

Jenny Mosley is doubly blessed: she has a good idea coupled with the ability to inspire, entertain and inform. In fact circle time is more than just one good idea; it is a model which "allows adults and pupils to work together to address the key interpersonal and organisational ideas affecting school development". The resources about circle time which are available from Jenny Mosley and others (see below and elsewhere on this website - use the search box on the homepage)Jenny Mosley explain the philosophy and techniques involved but cannot hope to rival the experience of listening to Jenny or attending one of her workshops. Comments from delegates included:

  • Jenny Mosley was an inspiration - whatever she was paid!
  • Outstanding, entertaining and inspiring - a great refresher for those of us already using the model.

The use of circle time in schools developed from quality circles which have been used in industry for many years. Jenny Mosley says that they were used in industry, "to overcome the gulf that can develop between management and the shop floor." Circle time also has roots in social group work and in solution focussed therapeutic approaches.

The method is now in widespread use in schools across the UK. In Scotland many primary schools use the method regularly and it is starting to be introduced into secondary schools. There is an increasing Jenny Mosleyawareness of its benefits as part of a whole school policy aimed at creating a positive ethos and dealing more effectively with problems such as bullying. It can be used with young people of any age providing it is introduced carefully and with the backing of resources and techniques which are suited to the age and stage of the young people involved.

Jenny Mosley says that when circle time is first introduced, the meetings act as a forum to promote a range of interlinked recommendations through which the school becomes more effective. These include:

  • a visible moral values system with attendant practical imperatives
  • an incentive and sanctions system democratically shared by all pupils and adults
  • the creation of calm and productive lunch times
  • daily "success programmes" and a "circle of support" to help young people whose behaviour is beyond the influence of normal strategies
  • a system of support for teachers who are under unacceptable levels of stress

Once all these structures are in place the weekly circle meetings continue to act as a review body, to deal with any new issues, to continue the promotion of positive relationships and to provide opportunities to celebrate success.

Jenny Mosley can be contacted at:
Jenny Mosley Consultancies
8 Westbourne Road
Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 0AJ
Telephone : 01225 767157