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'I am the Hate that Dare Not Speak its Name'
Dealing with homophobia in secondary schools

This report describes the outcomes of a small-scale project involving 19 secondary schools in England. The project investigated how effectively issues of homophobic bullying and sexualities were addressed through secondary schools' formal policies and areas of the curriculum. Outcomes indicate that sexual orientation was mentioned in two-thirds of Equal Oportunities policies but was not mentioned specifically in any Anti Bullying policies. Staff highlighted the need for training in issues surrounding sexualities, homophobic bullying and clarification of Section 28. Implications for the work of educational psychologists are discussed, including raising awareness and clarifying issues in schools as well as informing whole school development work.

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By Natasha Adams (Essex County Council), Tamsin Cox (Bexley Borough Council) and Laura Dunstan (West Sussex County Council). Published in Education Psychology in Practice, Vol.20, No.3, September 2004 ISSN 0266-7363(print)/ISSN 1469-5839 (online)/04/030259-11, Copyright 2004 Association of Educational Psychologists (Received October 2002: accepted after revision, January 2004).