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Back to Conference Information Report on the National Conference on Achievement & Ethos: supporting the right to learn, held at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, June, 2000.
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"It is impossible for a school to be successful by ignoring the promotion of a positive ethos. A school with a positive ethos will encourage achievement, and celebrate success in its widest sense, have high expectations of every pupil, and will have lower exclusion rates and fewer discipline problems.

The negative effects of bullying, or disruptive behaviour, or non-attendance on individual children at schools are well documented. Children only get one chance at school and it is of critical importance that we do everything possible to ensure that they get the best chance to achieve well.

Solving these problems is not about stricter punishment, but about an open, positive approach to education, where pupils know they can raise problems which will be listened to and acted upon, and where the culture is to solve problems constructively and not attribute blame".

Sam Galbraith
Minister for Children and Education
The Achievement and Ethos Conference, Glasgow, 2000.

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