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"Bullying in university"

My name is Katie Greengrass and I am a student at Leeds University and work on our student paper as a sub editor.

This year I produced an eight page colour pamphlet about bullying in University that was inserted into the paper. I have scaled down the pamphelt to feature size (about 1,500 words). I was wandering if you could use it on your website at all? It includes real life stories and where to get help and applies to students and young people.

Let me know if/when you use it or whether you know of any other websites/publications I could send it to. I would really like to help.

Many thanks.

Katie Greengrass

Dear Katie

Thank you so much for sending us your excellent article. This will make a valuable addition to our website and fill a gap in the information we provide. We have added it to the students' section of our website.

With thanks and very best wishes.

Andrew Mellor,
ABN Network Manager