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These 'Bullying - questions and answers' pages contain two main questions and a number of sub-questions. The previous page will provide you with the choice of one of two questions. Both of the questions have been given colour coded sections and contain a reference point in the form of a vertical text bar. Do you see the one to the left on this page?

Let's say you choose to follow the first question - 'what do we know about bullying?' Click on the arrow. Then you will see a number of sub-questions to choose from. Again, let's say you choose the first question 'what is bullying?'

As you can see from the screen capture above, you will see a 'key statement' which will give you an introduction to the answer. It has been highlighted above. Then, sometimes, you will see links to a movie clip in QuickTime format, a link for a 56k modem connection and one for broadband.

Then you will see a comment from Andrew Mellor, the Anti-Bullying Network manager (see the screen capture below). This is followed by links to more information on that particular question, as well as a page combining all the 'more' information onto one page to make it printer friendly.

Occasionally you will see some photographs, with larger versions available by clicking on them. The children are actors, and we thank them for their time. The photographs will give you a flavour of some relevant bullying conflict and resolution situations.

If you choose to click on one of the 'more' information arrows, you will be taken forward into the next section. The layout will be familiar to you by now. Again, these sections will include an introductory statement; a comment from Andrew; and then article details. You will often also see author details and perhaps graph details (symbols below). For example, if you had chosen 'More 1' from the 'what is bullying?' question, you would see information relating to research by Dan Olweus.

(Article, author and graph symbols)

When you have finished browsing the 'what do we know about bullying?' section with all its sub-questions and answers, go back to the main page (it can be found by clicking on 'the questions' icon) and choose the second question - 'how can bullying be tackled?' and view its sub-questions.

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