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This resource has been prepared by the Anti-Bullying Network, which is a Scottish Executive funded service based at The University of Edinburgh. It is part of a special Knowledge Transfer project supported by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council.

The summaries it contains have been prepared by Meg Cowie, Andrew Mellor and David Tosh. Web design is by Lorne Greig.

We would like to thank all those dedicated researchers whose work has been described here and who have made this project possible. We apologise to the many who have not been mentioned and would be grateful to hear about any work that might be added to our summaries. The volume of research that has been carried out into school bullying over the past 15 years means that we have had to be selective. Our choice is informed, but personal. We hope sincerely that any researchers who feel that their work should be included will contact us. Go to the previous page and follow the 'feedback' link.

When selecting which items to include, preference has been given to recent research carried out in Scotland. We have also included summaries of significant research undertaken outside Scotland where English language reports are readily available.

The Anti-Bullying Network holds the copyright of the summaries contained in this report. They may not be reproduced in any commercial publication or website without permission. Schools may use them in non-commercial publications providing the Anti-Bullying Network's authorship is acknowledged.

Every effort has been made to contact and obtain permission from the copyright holders of the graphs and video clips included.

Pamela Munn Pamela Munn, Dean of Moray House School of Education
Andrew Mellor Andrew Mellor, Manager of the Anti-Bullying Network
Meg Cowie Meg Cowie, member of the Anti-Bullying Network team