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Hello there! We hope you are finding the Bullying - questions and answers pages useful.

Don't forget our guide page which can be found from the introductory page. This should help you navigate your way through the sections.

Click to downloadMovies - we've included some clips to videos in different sections. These are in QuickTime format. If you need to download a viewer to see these clips, click the logo. We have offered to types of video - a short and a long version, or as we've called them, a fast and slow. If you have a speedy connection to the internet, you may want to view the long (or fast) version. The latest version of QuickTime is 6.

The Mores - you will see we have added 'more' information links to each main question. We have also added a 'More 1 - 2, 3, 4 etc' link. This gathers all the 'more' pages together for that one question. We thought this would create a printer-friendly page for you to print out if desired.

We've added a 'resources' page, and you will find the link on all the main question pages. This brings together some useful starting points for you in your search for more information. Primarily this is intended to aid those wishing to track down some of the journals referred to in our pages. If you can think of any other resources worth linking to, please drop us a note using the online form. Click to view the e-form!This form can be used to send us any comments you have at all about these pages. We welcome all feedback. Click the logo to the left and fill in the e-form!