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Anti-Bullying InfoLine, 0131 651 6100

The Scottish Executive Wants Your Views!
Ministerial Call To Young People

At the National Anti-Bullying Conference Jack McConnell appealed directly to young people. He called on them to help combat bullying by sharing their experiences and views with the Scottish Executive. A copy of his speech can be found in the Conference Papers sent to all schools or on our website by following this link here.


Channel 4 wants to hear from you!
The Director of a Channel Four programme has asked us to ask for volunteers willing to talk about text bullying. Children should remember that they will need written permission from their parents or guardians before they can appear on a TV programme. Also, some young people who have appeared on TV to talk about how they have been bullied, have been bullied even more as a result. Of course, appearing on TV can help to highlight an issue and to make it less likely that others will suffer in the same way, but parents and young people should only agree to this if they believe that there is little or no chance of things getting worse as a result. If you want to discuss this with us before contacting Channel 4, post a message in our bullybox











Scottish Child Law Centre
The Scottish Child Law Centre is an independent charitable organisation based in Edinburgh which provides services to the whole of Scotland and aims to promote knowledge and use of Scots law for the benefit of under 18s. A telephone information line is available for anyone looking for information on any of the topics listed:
children's rights, education, health, social work, divorce, access to files, contact, residence and offending.
The Centre also provides publications on up-to-date issues, organises conferences and seminars and provides training on request.
Telephone Information Helpline 0131 667 6333
Freephone for under 18s 0800 328 8970
(Monday - Wednesday 9.30am to 1.00pm)
Answering machine outisde these hours.

Interested in Mediation?
This appeal comes from a group of professional people currently working with children and young people in the fields of Conflict Resolution and Mediation. They are interested in forming a network of those working in this area within Scotland. If you are interested in joining this network please contact:
Richard Hendry. Telephone: 01337 858473 Email:
For more information visit this website here.