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New Publications

We have received details of the following publications from publishers/authors:

Complete Conduct Principles for the 21st Century by John Newton. Publisher: Nicer Century World Organization. US $9.95. ISBN 0967370582.
A handbook containing practical advice on how to prevent school violence, with implications for the wider society. For further information see: To order contact: or email:

Yo, Alejandro
. Author: Alejandro Gac-Artigas, Second edition. Ediciones Nuevo Espacio US$11.95 ISBN 1930879210
Written by a twelve year old boy, this story is about discrimination, racism, teasing and harassment. However it is also about academic success, life and future and provides readers with a positive role model.
More information at or at or

Bullycide: death at playtime, an expose of child suicide caused by bullying. Author: Neil Marr, and Tim Field. Success Unlimited, £16.50 ISBN 0-9529-121-2-0.
A challenging and controversial account. It contains interviews with bereaved families, survivors and people who have overcome the trauma of school bullying to succeed in life.
For more information see:

Healing Circles. Resolving Conflict Series. Triune Arts. Video. A healing circle transforms an adversarial approach to a communal process.
This video can be used as a tool in anti-bullying programs. Available from Triune Arts, 579 Kingston Road, Suite 107, Toronto, Ontario M4E 1RE Fax: 416 Ð 686 0468 Email: Internet:

How to Handle Bullies, Teasers and Other Meanies: a book that takes the nuisance out of name calling and other nonsense. Author: Kate Cohen-Posey, (1995) Rainbow Books Ltd., $8.95 ISBN 15 68250290
This parent-child resource book provides practical exercises to assist the child's communication and self-help skills in the face of bullying and meanness. For book/order details see:


New Books
Two important new books from Australia and New Zealand

Stop the Bullying: a handbook for schools. Author: Ken Rigby, Publisher: ACER, $39.95 Code: A873BK ISBN 0-86431-353-5 Contact: ACER Press Customer Service Fax: (03) 9835 7499 Email: Internet:
Drawing largely on a 10 year study of bullying in Australian schools, this book is designed to help educators identify and tackle bullying through a variety of approaches, including support work with children experiencing bullying, constructive work with bullies and teacher parent cooperation.

The Anti-Bullying Handbook. Author: Keith Sullivan, Publisher: Oxford University Press, ISBN 0 19 558388 4, AUD $24.95. To order contact: Oxford University Press, Australia, Customer Services Email: Internet:
A resource to help understand bullying and how to arrest it or prevent it. It is written for parents, teachers, administrators, counsellors, therapists, and teacher trainers and trainees.


School Councils

Two very helpful packs on setting up school councils are available from the School Councils UK:
Primary Pupil Councils DIY Resource Pack containing 'Primary School Councils Toolkit' (Training pack) and 'Safe and Sorted' - Citizenship through school and class councils (Video). Product code: SCUK009. £42.

Secondary Pupil Councils DIY Resource Pack containing 'Secondary School Councils Toolkit' (Training Pack) and 'Voices of Reason' (Video) Product code: SCUK010. £55.

Contact: Publications Department, School Councils UK, 57 Etchingham Park Road, Finchley N3 2EB. Phone: 020 8349 2459, Fax: 020 8346 0898. Email