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Sharing Success - Profiting from Problems

A new database of anti-bullying initiatives in Scottish schools has been launched on the Anti-Bullying Network website. You can see a screen capture of the database search page to the right.

The database is easy to use. For example, a simple search will reveal the names and addresses of 16 schools which are using the "no blame" approach and that are willing to discuss their experiences with other schools.

You can also find out what is happening locally. If you teach in, say, Dundee and want to know how bullying is being tackled elsewhere in the city, two clicks on the mouse will bring up details supplied by 5 local schools.

The database will not tell you how to introduce a particular strategy, but it will enable you to contact some teachers who know from personal experience the benefits and pitfalls.

Sincere thanks are due to the 16% of Scottish schools that responded to an invitation to contribute to the database. It is not too late to join them, or to update an existing entry. There is a copy of the questionnaire and a feedback form on the website. Teachers who do not have easy access to the internet can still include their school details on the database, or find out about its contents, by calling our InfoLine on 0131 651 6100.

And remember - it is just as important to tell people about what didn't work as it is to advertise your successes. Why not try the database out now - go to our homepage and click on the link!

Andrew Mellor