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New Research Findings

Research carried out by Simon Hunter from Strathclyde University, examined how students cope with bullying. This recently completed study found that it is more likely for students to use assertive strategies when they can view the situation with at least some optimism rather than those who can only Simon Huntersee negative outcomes (which would often lead to the use of aggressive strategies). This means that an optimistic view of the situation is important and should be encouraged. Simon also found that children are more likely to tell when they are feeling angry, disappointed and sad. He suggests that such emotions should be addressed when dealing with ‘victims’. He also found that unfortunately very few coping strategies seemed to be helpful, although standing up to bullying helped secondary school pupils’ self-esteem. For more information contact Simon by email.

New Research - How teachers deal with allegations of bullying Simon Hunter’s next project (March to October 2004, funded by Strathclyde University) is in collaboration with Prof. Amina Memon of Aberdeen University. It will examine how teachers deal with allegations of bullying. Teachers interested in taking part in short interviews can contact Simon by email.

Scottish Schools OnlineScottish Schools Online is a searchable database of all schools in Scotland including local authority and independent schools. It provides contact details, links to school websites where available, and statistical and other information for every school. Click the logo to visit the website.

Scottish ExecutiveThe National Priorities in Education Performance Report 2003 provides an overview of National and Education Authority information from 2001-2002. These priorities are: achievement and attainment, framework for learning, inclusion and equality, values and citizenship, and learning for life. Click the Scottish Executive logo to read the report. You will also find a link to reports for each individual Local Authority on this page.

Come Look At UsCome Look At Us - a lively and informative website designed by young Scottish gypsy travellers. Click the logo to visit their website.


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The Year Ahead at the ABN and SSEN
Year ahead!Details of the ABN and SSEN activities and publications over the next year are on our websites. In addition to conferences, support activities (for school staff and parents), information sheets and newsletters, we will also run a seminar for teacher educators and the SSEN case studies will include a staff development resource. Also, watch out for a new SSED anti-bullying competition for P6-S2 pupils. Details will be in schools soon!!


Conference Update

ABN/SSEN Conference

Opening the School Gates: Bullying is a community issue
Children in Scotland in association with the Anti-Bullying Network and the Scottish Schools Ethos Network
Saturday 24th April 2004, Inverness
This one day seminar aims to bring together those working with children and young people in a variety of community and school settings to examine this common problem. Dr Brendan Byrne from Dublin is a keynote speaker at this event. Definitely not to be missed, Dr Byrne is highly regarded as a counsellor and researcher in this area.
Radha Singh at Children in Scotland
Telephone 0131 222 2438

Other Conferences/Workshops

A National Conference on Bullying and the Law
Organised by the Govan Law Centre
Thursday 9 September 2004, Kelvin Gallery, University of Glasgow
A national one day conference for headteachers and others working in Scottish schools.
Anne Taylor at the Govan Law Centre
Telephone 0141 445 1955

Reviewing Anti-Bullying Policy and Practice - a Workshop for Schools
Organised by Children in Scotland
Thursday 29 April 2004, Glasgow and Saturday 8 May 2004, Edinburgh
This workshop is for staff responsible for developing and co-ordinating anti-bullying policy and practice in schools.
Alison Rowan at Children in Scotland
Telephone 0131 222 2405

Contemporary Issues in Vulnerable Children – The Roots of Violence and Its Impact on Children, Young People, Families and Professionals
Organised by the British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN)
Friday 7 May 2004, Caledonian University, Glasgow
This conference aims to explore supportive strategies that strengthen family life and develop healthy communities.
Telephone 01904 613605

Anti-Discriminatory Practice in Working with Young People
Organised by Children in Scotland
Friday 11 June 2004, Edinburgh
A workshop designed to explore and develop strategies for confronting discriminatory attitudes and behaviour in young people.
Radha Singh
Telephone 0131 222 2438