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Want to find out more about bullying?
For information about bullying studies in Scotland, UK and further afield go to the new research section ‘Bullying – Questions and Answers’ on the ABN website. Short, clear summaries tell you what’s been found out about various aspects of bullying, such as the different types/locations of bullying or if some children are more likely to bully/be bullied than others. You can also find out what schools can do to help prevent bullying, for example how can they raise awareness. This resource provides students and all interested adults with an easy and direct route to some important research findings. Feedback has been enthusiastic. Pupils working on a class project wrote ‘this section has really made us think about what it’s like to be in the victim’s position’. A senior pupil from another school said that the information ‘helps to raise the awareness of those who don’t realise how big the problem is’. One student teacher wrote rather ruefully ‘It’s excellent! I wish I’d seen this before doing my bullying assignment!’ Go to our database section and follow the link...

This ABN/SSEN joint conference for adult members of the school community will take place at the Hilton Dunblane Hydro on 4 December 2003. It is organised in partnership with Stirling Council. The Conference will begin with a keynote address by Trond Waage, the Norwegian Children’s Ombudsman. The main focus will be on what adults can do to encourage young people to develop and express their collective view about school policies and practices. A secondary focus will be on how adults (including parents, ancillary staff and unpromoted teachers) can be encouraged to express their collective views. A signing interpreter can be booked, to assist delegates with hearing problems, but we would need to know before 18 November if this service will be required.

The Anti-Bullying and Ethos Networks' Annual Conference takes place on 26 February, 2004 in Edinburgh. The conference aims to explore the ways in which efforts to create a positive ethos, positive discipline and more effective learning in schools are linked; to consider how tackling bullying in school can lead to an improved ethos and hence to a better learning environment and to consider what evidence there is to support the belief that such links are inextricable. The main speaker will be Bill Rogers, who has a world-wide reputation as a trainer, and author of books on school discipline.

The conference is aimed at adult members of the school community. If your school or organisation would like to make a contribution to this event, please contact us to discuss this. Contributions could be in the form of workshops or displays.

Reasonable Expectations?
What are the Obligations of Local Authorities and Schools in Relation to Bullying?

The Anti-Bullying Network has recently circulated this discussion paper based on an ABN seminar for invited delegates. It is available for download from the ABN website, and single copies are available on request. Feedback should be returned by 8 December 2003. Thereafter we will produce a shorter information paper that will be made available to local authorities, head teachers and other interested parties.


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