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Bullying - we're all in it together!'Bullying - we're all in it together'
Wednesday 3rd November, 2004
The Business Learning and Conference Centre, Halbeath, Dunfermline

The initial focus of anti-bullying work in Scottish schools was on the behaviour of children. It is becoming clear that, to be effective, anti-bullying policies must take into account the fact that schools are communities composed of both adults and children.

It is impossible to create a better learning environment for children unless we also improve the working environment for those adults for whom school is the workplace, and improve liaison for those who are members of the wider school community. Unchallenged, bullying of or by adults in schools has the power to hinder the progress that has been made towards creating a non-violent ethos in classrooms and playgrounds.


To consider how the groups who make up school communities may be affected by bullying behaviour.
To explore how the actions and attitudes of the members of these groups can increase or decrease the levels of bullying in schools.
To discuss how each of these groups can contribute to the development of a school’s anti-bullying policy and practice.
Kathleen Marshall Keynote Speaker
Kathleen Marshall
Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland
Read Kathleen Marshall's speech 'Bullying has no place in Scottish schools', delivered at our conference | Read the speech |
Fraser Sanderson Afternoon Speaker
Fraser Sanderson
Director of Education and Community Services
Dumfries and Galloway
Lhamea Lall Also, vignettes from members of the wider school community (an educational psychologist, former headteacher etc) will explore some experiences in relation to the conference aims; discussion groups; using drama to explore attitudes towards bullying (a choice of seminars); displays from schools, the voluntary sector and book publishers; arts input by young people; musical contribution from Lhamea Lall (pictured left), winner of the Birmingham Black Achievers Award - Young Achiever 2003.

Speakers presentations

Two of the speakers at this conference have kindly made available their notes.

Kathleen Marshall - a Powerpoint presentation (51Kb) | Download |
Colin Campbell - a Word file (30Kb) | Download |

The lunchtime seminars held at this conference were as follows:

Forum Interactive is a leading theatre-based learning and development consultancy, based in Scotland
Presenters: Graham Sharrock and two of his team
Join Forum Interactive in one of their trademark 'live-action' school scenarios, which explores bullying attitudes and behaviours. They create a lively environment in which the participants can actively intervene to help problem-solve the situation.

Education and Cultural Services, West Dunbartonshire Council. Just Boys: Empowering Boys through Drama
Presenters: Louise Anusas, Stephen Bullock
The Just boys Project targeted boys at risk of exclusion from school and aimed to reduce their risk of exclusion by tackling issues related to behaviour such as bullying and violence through the medium of drama and dance. The seminar will explore how partnership working between health and the arts can enhance the provision of services in an Integrated Community School setting. Participants will explore the outcomes of the Just Boys project by participating in drama methods used in the project, a video presentation and group discussion.

LGBT Youth Scotland - Using Theatre in Education (TIE) to tackle homophobic bullying in youth settings

Presenters: Workers from LGBT Youth Scotland
Theatre in Education (TIE) is a useful medium through which to address issues of discrimination with young people, such as homophobia. This workshop will describe the production of "Them & Us: whose side are you on?” a scenario based play designed to explore the experience of homophobic bullying. There will be a practical based element of this workshop which will use a variety of methods including an issue based script which invites participants to consider the experience of homophobic bullying.

Dundee New Community Schools Team and Barnardo’s SPACE project Partnership 4 Prevention
Presenters: Ashley McIntosh, Gwynneth Masson
Partnership 4 Prevention involves Integrated Community Schools, Barnardo's SPACE project, Tayside Police and Primary Mental Health Team. Experience the Partnership 4 Prevention package to explore feelings and issues around bullying behaviour.

St Mark’s and Springhill Primary Schools, Barrhead, East Renfrewshire - Sense over Sectarianism
Presenters: Staff from both schools
Springhill Primary school and St Mark’s Primary school in Barrhead worked together in session 2003-2004 on an Anti-Sectarianism project that used Enterprise Education as its platform. The success of the project was illustrated in a major launch in the community using drama, art, music and poetry. Prior to starting and all the way through, the adults working in the schools with the children had to examine their own beliefs and values. This requires a lot of honesty and can sometimes be painful or uncomfortable for the adults who have never taken a close look at their beliefs and values before. The session aims to help us question our starting position and our ability to tackle a controversial topic through self-evaluation activities, discussion, video clips and a question and answer section.