Spring 2003

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Key messages from S2 pupils
Pupils who attended the Rocket Talk Day had lots of ideas for change.
Also, nearly all the pupils had something positive to say about being in S2!

What Pupils Like

Lessons   Personal Safety and Comfort   Respect

'S2 is better than S1 because you learn a lot more about all the subjects.'
Saara Campbell, Ardrossan Academy, North Ayrshire

'You get fun things to do, like making more models in Design Technology.'
Katie Ho, Cleveden Secondary School, Glasgow

'The work is a lot more interesting and it gives you a good challenge.'
Liam Spence, Stirling High School


'Now I'm in S2 I'm more relaxed because I'm familiar with the layout of the school building and I've made new friends.'
Christopher Moore, Dunoon Academy

'You don't get picked on as much because you are older.'
Sarah Gray, St John's High School, Dundee


'You're not wee first years anymore and we get treated with more respect.'
Carolanne Molloy, St Columba's, Gourock

'It's fun and you get more responsibility.'
Emma Findlay, St Joseph's College, Dumfries and Galloway


'We should have more choice in subjects and also teachers.'
Frazer Hutchinson, Linlithgow Academy

'We should have more say in what we learn.'
Liza Stevenson, Stirling High School

'Pupils in S2 should be able to pick subjects they want to do and not have to do subjects they may not be good at and wasting everyone's time.'
Kim Marlin, Uddingston Grammar School, South Lanarkshire

'We should be able to choose where we sit.'
Kathryn McGuigan, St Columba's High School, Gourock


'Schools would be better if there were lockers so we did not have to carry heavy books all day. If we had a common room this would be a place where we could meet friends and chill out.'
Amy Couser, Bo'ness Academy

'S2 pupils should have their own space, like the 6th years do.'
Michael Cadiz, Banchory Academy, Aberdeenshire


'Schools should be more exciting.'
Laura-Anne Kerr, St Ninian's High School, Kirkintilloch

'Teachers need to be more enthusiastic, to make the lesson fun and enjoyable to listen to.'
Ailsa Crawley, Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh

'It could be more fun, with new challenges.'
A 'Rocket Talk' delegate


'It's very frustrating when other pupils misbehave in class and waste time.'
Stephen McKenzie, Brannock High School, North Lanarkshire

'The only thing I don't like is that you sometimes get crushed in school corridors.'
Frazer Hutchison, Linlithgow Academy

'Students and staff should identify where bullying takes place in school and the time of day. These areas should be supervised. Also, staff should avoid leaving classes unsupervised.'
Amjath Arsad, Drumchapel High School, Glasgow

'People of all races, religions and with disabilities should be allowed to have an education without being bullied.'
A 'Rocket Talk' delegate


'We should have more practical subjects with items we can get our hands on.'
Annalese Ronalson, Linlithgow Academy


'Teachers need to listen to what we have to say. It is important and could be very useful.'
Annalese Ronalson, Linlithgow Academy

'Teachers should communicate and listen to you more. Once you give an opinion, there isn't any process or feedback.'
Susanne Rowan, Hamilton College, South Lanarkshire

'The Scottish Executive should listen to children's views. They just pretend to listen but then they ignore us.'
A 'Rocket Talk' delegate


'Everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions and have a say in decisions.'
A 'Rocket Talk' delegate

'S2 pupils should be treated equally with any other year.'
Paul Murray, St Columba's High School, Gourock

'We should be more respected and not treated like primary school kids.'
Chris MacDonald, Inverness Royal Academy

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