Spring 2003

  Rocket News

The 'Rocket Talk' conference showed that young people can make their views about school heard. If you and your peers have ideas about how your school could be improved, you can use the power of positive peer pressure to change things. You can do this by:

working together
being positive
being persistent


Young people from the S2 conference found that the media can offer a useful and exciting way to get a message across to a wide audience. The conference was covered by BBC Scotland, while the Parliamentary presentation was covered by The Parliamentary Press Office, 'The Herald' newspaper and 'The Evening Times' newspaper. The press activity and interviews also gave pupils a glimpse into what really goes on behind the camera.


For many pupils it was probably the first time they'd been inside the Scottish Parliament buildings, let alone addressed a Parliamentary Committee! Nevertheless, the pupils calmly delivered the key messages from the Rocket Talk conference to members of the Education, Culture and Sport Committee. This was a unique opportunity for pupils to tell the people who influence and create educational policies, what they like and don't like about schools today and also to suggest ways in which things could be improved. The pupils themselves had decided how they would get their points across - some using role-play and others directly talking to the MSPs about the issues. The presentation was followed by an interesting question and answer session, when members of the Committee asked pupils about the issues they'd raised. It was hard not to be impressed by the sincerity and enthusiasm of all the pupils involved.



Respect was the key message that came across when we met with S2 pupils. Mutual respect is crucial if school life is to be enjoyable and meaningful and the role-plays spoke loud and clear to us.
Environment plays a big part in how we learn. It could be the need for a whole new school or maybe the provision of lockers or year rooms would help. Whatever the case, its clear that S2 pupils have views and want to be consulted.
Support from peers, parents and staff makes school life better. Bullying is still very real and support is still patchy so we need to make improvements.
Peer pressure is an issue we all face in different ways. It was good to hear how it affected S2 pupils.
Education is more than just what takes place in the classroom. The presentation showed us just how true that was and it helped us to understand the issues S2 pupils face.
Curriculum choices put S2 pupils under real pressure. The drama presentation gave a great insight into the issues and was very well done.
Thanks to all who made their views known. As MSPs, we take your views seriously and hope that we can move forward together.

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