Use Your Voice!
A newsletter featuring
Pupil Action Against Bullying
From a national conference in February 2001 organised by
the Anti-Bullying Network and Dundee City Council
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What can young people do?
Cameron WyattA message from Cameron Wyatt of Bannerman High School, Glasgow, who was a member of the conference committee.
"Remember that action against bullying is not just for you but for every pupil in every school. You can make a difference. Don't simply rely on your teacher. You too can help others by applying the ideas in this newsletter to your school's situation. Bring these ideas to the attention of your head teacher, guidance staff or anyone who will listen.

The victims of bullying are often too scared to come forward. Their confidence has been sapped. Their ability to speak out removed.

You still have a voice. And, hopefully, this newsletter will remind you to use it".

Other members of the Conference Committee:
Craig Cheyne, Bannerman High School
Mark MacMillan, Dunblane High School
Helen Onslow, Dunblane High School
Aimee McKimmie, Dundee City Wide Pupil Council
Paul Cargill, Lawside Academy, Dundee
Stephanie MacGregor, Lawside Academy
David Bernard MSYP, Tynecastle High School
Sandy Clarke, Dundee City Council
Phillipa Prior, Anti-Bullying Network
Andrew Mellor, Anti-Bullying Network
What do you think?
Jack McConnellJack McConnell MSP, Minister for Education, Europe and External Affairs, wants pupils in Scottish schools to give him their views about how bullying and poor discipline can be tackled. Send your ideas to the Anti-Bullying Network. We will make sure that Mr McConnell hears what you have to say.
Use this form here to talk to Jack McConnell!
"You have a large part to play to ensure that the bullies don't get away with their poisonous behaviour. Don't let them wreck your education. Don't let them wreck anyone else's. Let's all help each other to tackle this hard and head on.

I can tell you what we are doing to try and combat this scourge but I also want your views. I want to hear about your experiences and ideas, about the solutions you have for dealing with bullying and poor discipline. Whether it is bullying in the classroom, bullying in the playground, bullying in the corridors, bullying on the way to or from school. We are on the right road, but there is still a long way to go, and your ideas can help.

I believe every school must be a safe school. Every child is entitled to go through their school years without their experiences being blighted by bullying. But these are complex issues. Solutions will be many and varied and they will not be found overnight".

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