Young Voices Newsletter
A newsletter about pupil participation from the annual conference of the Scottish Schools Ethos Network and the Anti-Bullying Network held in Glasgow, 1 June 2001. ABN
Participation in Practice and the Big Questions (click the clouds!!)
Anne Houston, Director of ChildLine Scotland,
recorded some examples of good practice and the issues
and questions on delegates' minds.
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Peer Support
Peer Support
Dunbeg PS, Oban, Argyll & Bute
Contact: Rosslyn Moan
Tel: 01631 564781

Senior pupils are trained to work with a P1 or P2 pupil for one hour a week. Activities range from buddying to paired reading. Pupils are encouraged to direct their own activities.
Ideas & Initiatives Group
Bellsquarrie Primary
West Lothian
Contact: Linda Woods
Tel: 01506 410777
The school employs a 'Pupil Voice' policy. All classes have whole school responsibilities. Activities include peer support groups with open discussion of issues for pupils. Pupils' views are regularly sought through self-evaluation questionnaires.
Craigie SHOP & ABC
Craigie High
Contact: Hazel Lusby
Tel: 01382 438740
The 'Seniors Helping Other Pupils' and the 'Anti-Bullying Corner' involve pupils helping others through paired reading, peer mediation and running anti-bullying campaigns.
Peer Mediation
Wallacestone Primary
Contact: Jill Genoe
Tel: 01324 506760
Eclipse Educational Consultancy provided training for staff and pupils. P7 pupils operate as mediators in the playground; a 'time to talk' box is set up in school for referrals; 'Stop, Think, Do' and 'Thinking Skills' were introduced to the curriculum to support the project.
Promoting Peer Education
Ellon Academy
Contact: Jean McMillan
Tel: 01358 720715

The peer support programme, designed to create a supportive ethos in a large school, includes: a play written and produced by pupils aimed at P7 pupils and their parents; and a workshop, also run by pupils, on the health and well-being of young people.
'Community Circles'
East Lothian Council
Contact: Paul Morgan
Tel: 01620 827143

S1 pupils are involved in training P6 pupils to work with groups of Primary 3 and 4 pupils in small circles of support on issues such as friendship, bullying and playground support.
Pupil-Led Monitoring
Dunbar Grammar
East Lothian
Contact: Janet Smith
Tel: 01368 863339

With assistance from 'Young People Speak Out', young mentors have produced a video highlighting the peer-led aspects and communication issues of mentoring. It also explores training, support and the development of contracts for mentors.
Expressive Arts and Literature
Tackling Bullying Using Drama
St Margaret Mary's Secondary
Contact: Anne Keay
Tel: 0141 634 1169
Drama activities are used as a learning tool to stimulate class discussion and to equip pupils to deal with the problem of bullying including identifying forms of bullying, ways of coping with bullying and considering why bullies bully others.
Drummond Equality Game
Drummond Community High School
Contact: Anne Scanlan, Librarian
Tel: 0131 556 2651
A joint project with the EAL Service and developed over a number of years by students and staff, the game offers an induction to the school's equality ethos and a chance to experience inequality through the eyes of people with different life chances. The game costs 15. Order forms and inspection copies are available through Anne Scanlan.
Curiosity Kits & Nursery Rhyme Time
Clackmannan Nursery School
Contact: Sybil Taylor
Tel: 01259 217486
Both projects are part of Clackmannanshire's Early Learning Initiative promoting literacy. The Rhyme Time sessions for parents and children run in a number of locations in the community. The non-fiction titles in the Curiosity Kits aim to appeal to boys' interests.
Circle Time
Circle Time
Pentland School
North Lanarkshire
Contact: Ian Porteous
Tel: 01236 420471

A variety of activities such as Circle Time help to create a sense of community and identity in a school where all the children have experienced social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.
A Circle of Friends
New Community Schools Project
Kirn Primary
Contact: Anne Lewis
Tel: 01369 703806

An inclusive approach to meeting emotional and behavioural needs by involving pupils in the social support of vulnerable and challenging individuals.
Peaceful Playtimes
Kirkhill Primary
Contact: Lorraine Brodie
Tel: 01224 874439
The school has been implementing the Jenny Mosley model of a whole school approach to positive behaviour for 10 years. Now in place are Golden Rules, Corridor Routines, Dining Hall Routines and Playground Routines.
Be a Buddy, not a Bully
St John's PS
South Lanarkshire
Contact: Cathie Lees
Tel: 01698 283401
Positive behaviour is promoted through assemblies, buddy systems and transition programmes. The curriculum includes opportunities to explore bullying more fully in Language, Drama and PSD.
Pupils Against Bullying
Mearns Castle High
Newton Mearns
East Renfrewshire
Contact: Eileen Crilley
Tel: 0141 577 2300

Anti-bullying is approached as a whole school responsibility and all pupils learn about bullying and are encouraged to support their peers. Junior pupils are further supported through the 'Academic Family', community involvement and a peer support system.
FAB Initiative
Hermitage Academy
Argyll & Bute
Contact: Morag Macdonald
Tel: 01436 672145

'Friends Against Bullying' is based on the No-Blame Approach and has reduced bullying over a period of years. Support strategies in place include the S6 FAB Befrienders who offer a 'drop-in' club. A survey is carried out each year to monitor effectiveness.
Buddy Club
St Mary's PS
Contact: Jean Campbell
Tel: 01786 812294
'Big Buddies' are selected from P7 and, after training, matched with 'Wee Buddies' from P1-P6 who are having difficulties with behaviour, friendship, bullying, trauma, illness or disability. The Buddies meet in pairs four times a week.
Buchlyvie Against Bullying
Buchlyvie PS
Contact: Jean McGuigan
Tel: 01360 850311
Alongside a buddy system established with support from all areas of the school community, the school has staged a 'Bully Week'. Work has been done through literacy and the playground has been mapped with 'bully-busters' allocated to the danger areas.
Pupil Councils and Involvement in Systems
Pupils in the System
Arkleston Primary
East Renfrewshire
Contact: Margaret Byrne
Tel: 0141 886 5473
A whole school discipline system, with pupils taking a major role in its administration, has been in place for seven years. The school has built on the skills gained, through pupils running workshops for parents and on circle time to establish a pupil council.
Why have a Pupil Council?
St Peter's Primary
South Lanarkshire
Contact: Mary Murphy
Tel: 01698 281277

As part of the 'jigsaw' of a positive school ethos, St Peter's School Council starts firmly with the UN Convention. A useful booklet produced by the school explains roles, responsibilities, projects, what can't be changed, and the way ahead for the Council.
Junior Pupils Have a Say
St Columba's High
Contact: Lynne Bryce
Tel: 01738 622994

A well established student council, with a published constitution, open voting and opportunities to participate in training. All members, regardless of age, can run for the Council posts such as Chair and participate in consultation and decision making.
Hear What We Say
St Elizabeth's Primary
South Lanarkshire
Contact: Christine Emmett
Tel: 01698 285080

St Elizabeth's 'Ethos Recipe' starts with the UN Children's Convention and adds a School Council. The set up of the Council from canvassing to balloting and inauguration was covered by local television.
Useful Links
Jenny Mosley's Circle Time

United Nations Cyber School Bus



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